Don’t make a drama out of grammar!
Start rhyming with your child today!

The iconic English grammar coursebook GRAMMAR RHYMES is now available!

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GRAMMAR RHYMES makes grammar exciting!

A practical English grammar course book for children aged 8-14, GRAMMAR RHYMES consists of 33 themes which range from conjugating the verb to be to forming and using the Second Conditional. Each theme includes a short overview of the grammar rules and a longer section with exercises in rhyme complemented by songs which have been professionally composed, performed and recorded – 90 tracks in all.

The book comes with a CD. It is the perfect tool for revising when you are on your way to a grammar test.

GRAMMAR RHYMES will launch your child on an amazing educational adventure and familiarise him or her with the exciting world of English grammar.

About the author

Joanna Zarańska – writer of many English language coursebooks and innovative curricula. Master of rhymes and trendsetter in the field of education through drama projects. In 1993 she started her English language school Early Stage. Now over 28,000 students from the entire country attend this school. She is passionate about the British sense of humour and skiing. She is valiant, highly creative when writing literary pieces, an enthusiast of interaction with the young and her educational ideas are limitless.

Make English grammar easier with GRAMMAR RHYMES!

Charm English grammar away with GRAMMAR RHYMES ! Only tested tricks in the program: rhymes, raps, and songs. No rabbit pulling from a hat but there are a CD and a music app! When you order the GRAMMAR RHYMES pack, you get:

  • GRAMMAR RHYMES coursebook comprising 214 pages filled to bursting with grammar in rhymes: 33 topics (from the verb to be to the Second Conditional) in a form that makes remembering the rules easier
  • CD with songs – 90 tracks with music by Michał Tokaj and vocals by Aga Zaryan and Sean Palmer

Retail price

79 zł Buy the coursebook

If you are still hesitating, download excerpts of GRAMMAR RHYMES and see for yourself how powerful rhymes are in learning English!

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