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The iconic coursebook GRAMMAR RHYMES is now available!

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GRAMMAR RHYMES transforms grammar lessons

The pack of two English grammar books includes a GRAMMAR RHYMES student’s book and a special photocopy friendly coil-bound version that allows you to make legal copies for your lessons.

The material in this book is at level A1-A2 in the CEFR and comprises 33 topics: from conjugating the verb to be to the Second Conditional. The material is presented via 90 recordings – tracks with rhymes, songs and raps. The theory is clearly explained, and the exercises provide a lot of practice.

The pack includes a CD with the recordings and access codes to a user-friendly application with music. The teacher also gets access to a platform with lesson plans. The platform is a source of extra materials to be used during the lessons and quizzes that accompany each topic. GRAMMAR RHYMES for teachers is a cosmic space for lesson ideas. 

About the Author

Joanna Zarańska – writer of many English language coursebooks and innovative curricula. Master of rhymes and trendsetter in the field of education through drama projects. In 1993 she started her English language school Early Stage. Now over 28,000 students from the entire country attend this school. She is passionate about the British sense of humour and skiing. She is valiant, highly creative when writing literary pieces, an enthusiast of interaction with the young and her educational ideas are limitless. 

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The cosmic teacher’s pack includes:

  • GRAMMAR RHYMES coursebook – 214 pages filled to bursting with grammar in rhymes; 33 topics (from conjugating the verb to be to the Second Conditional) in a form your students will love
  • Coil-bound black-and-white teacher’s book – convenient for making photocopies for each lesson
  • CD with 90 songs – 90 tracks with music by Michał Tokaj and vocals by Aga Zaryan and Sean Palmer
  • Access to a platform with lesson plans and additional materials via a special code from the teacher’s book. 

Retail price

199 zł Buy the pack

If you are still hesitating, download excerpts of GRAMMAR RHYMES and see for yourself how powerful rhymes are in learning English!

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